Welcome to Precious Fashion! on our website you can order your very own custom made suit from over 50+ different textiles and over 100+ different textiles and fabrics for shirts & trousers.

Ordering Tailored Suits

Step One

To start the order process make your way to the tailored suits page from here you can select your desired material

Step Two

Once you have decided on your material just click on it to be taken to the virtual suit designer where you can change around all the different trimmings and options.

Step Three

Upon finalising your choice of cuttings and options click on the buy button where you will be asked to fill in the measurement sheet, should you be unaware of how to measure yourself please check out our size guide. When you have filled out your measurements proceed to adding the suit to your cart and payment and we will be in touch to verify your order! Delivery time is typically 3 weeks from placing your order.